Safety at Mount Saint Mary’s

Here at the Mount, it is security’s job to keep the students safe. With two LAX airport evacuations in the past week, homeland invasion of terror is feared by many Americans especially those in the Los Angeles area. So, how does security keep the students and faculty safe on campus with the current rise of threats in the area?


Sean O’Connor is a security guard at Mount Saint Mary’s University. Because he has been working on the Chalon campus for one out of the three years working with security, he shared some insight on why the students should feel at peace about being here. “Mount Saint Mary’s is ranked one of the top ten safest college campuses in the state.” Along with his colleagues, he has received training to protect and defend students on this campus from all kinds of danger such as active shooters, terrorists, ect.


There is a lack of order on who is and who is not monitored at the gate. It is intended for each security guard to check every guest’s identification card prior to entering the campus regardless of who they say they are. Usually if an Uber/Lyft sticker is visible from inside the vehicle, the gate guards will let them pass through without any verification. O’Connor was unaware of this and quickly expressed how that would be changing immediately.


Because of the non-existing curfew on campus, there is no way to know if a student living as a resident of MSMU did not return to campus. O’Connor says “Perhaps a sign in/sign out sheet would provide more safety for the students.” This way all students could be accounted for even if they did not have to be back at a set time. He later explained that that would be something for residence life to handle as opposed to security.


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