Students discuss new class on campus

It is the start of the new academic year at The Mount. What an exciting time it is to see all the familiar smiles of returning students, professors and additional staff here on campus. Although it is refreshing to connect with old friends, this is also a time to make new ones! In addition to new classmates, there are also new classes.


The most buzz circulating around campus is definitely the new required course that all first year students must take. The class is called FYS (First Year Seminar). This is the first year The Mount has ever had this class available to the students. Naturally when things are new, there are usually mixed reactions among the students. Opinions are made and expressed in such a way that could be helpful to the administration in knowing if the new addition is as successful as they may have planned it to be.


Students in different FYS classes all have a dissimilarity in academic pursuits but share the same ultimate goal for their college careers, success! One student says, “A positive side of the class is that it can serve as a forum to express struggles for first years.” As a pre-nursing student, she also expresses her concern that at times she feels the class is “a burden or inconvenience” more than beneficial. Another student says “It is basically a College 101 class. I like how it builds a sense of community for freshmen and helps them feel acclimated to the college lifestyle.” This student is no fan of public speaking so she takes comfort in knowing that her presentations will be judged by her peers, of whom she feels more comfortable with. The overwhelmingly similar feedback from students are the negative aspects of the class. The unnecessary added stress of homework did not seem to make sense to most who are already overwhelmed with other classes. If the point of the class is to make our lives easier and more prepared for college, why add the additional workload?


Some students suggests perhaps it would be in The Mount’s best interest to sporadically survey the students on what they are looking for in a new class or how they could improve one that is already available to take. Over all, the advantages one may gain from taking a class like FYS seem to outweigh the disadvantages of the course. After all, each student receives 2 credits from taking FYS! Students should remember that the more credits we earn, the closer we are to graduation!


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