My reflections on life as a new college student, a new adult, with a new perspective

My goal in life is to choose love with all things that I do, to be kind, and help others thrive to do the same each and every day. People who thrive to be petty, catty, or a “savage” simply do not live to their highest potential in life. We’re not wired to be hurtful beings. Everyone has the power to choose actions that lead to positive outcomes vs negative ones. Rise above those who challenge your conscience. Try to stay true to who are, not who others THINK you are. I can go to sleep knowing I am a good person who tries to make the world a better place with my presence here on earth. We all mess up and that’s okay. No one is perfect. Be aware of failure and start again with a new mindset. Be grateful for new beginnings. I know that I am for mine. Take advantage of every opportunity life gives you and never take anything for granted. Lastly, and I say this again because of the importance…choose love, be kind and influence others to do the same each and every single day.


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